Sociology (English)


Training students who are conscious of social problems, aware of ethical values and have critical perspectives.  Guiding them in conducting research and analyses of social life and becoming active in shaping of the future. By evaluating the factors for development of social life and becoming active in forming the future. Creating awareness towards the relation of sociology to other disciplines and professions, increasing awareness of the value of cultural differences. Promoting the effectiveness of national and international student and staff exchange programmes, encouraging the students for an academic career and for other professional activities.


To prepare graduates with a current knowledge and research experience of societies as they are articulated at national and international levels; with this awareness enabling them to investigate the social world and to contribute to its development at local, national and global levels.


The objective of the undergraduate program in sociology is to bring up individuals who will be aware of the problems in society, have a critical point of view and a capacity of doing research, caring about solutions and evaluating the results. Therefore, they will not only have a chance to take effective roles in setting up the future but also will be able to catch the opportunity to find satisfactory jobs in the working fields such as universities, education and research centers, health, law and security both in private and state sectors.

Prof. Dr. Bahattin AKŞİT

Head of the Department